November 09, 2018

Here are our Top 5 Tips to get your electric bicycle ready for winter!

Electric bicycles are long proven to be great and reliable all-year vehicles but, like all motorized vehicles, they need a bit of attention and some special care to prepare them for the cold and rainy winter months.

In order to prepare your electric bike for winter, those important points should be considered before riding in cold temperatures, bad weather and dark hours:

  • Keep your e-bike battery warm while riding and while charging
  • Install fenders and reflectors
  • Check and optimise your bicycles light system
  • Protect your e-bike and frame components
  • Get watertight frame bags

So, let us dive straight into the subject of how to protect you and your electric bike in winter:

How to keep my e-bike battery warm in winter

As many of you may already know, electric bicycle batteries perform best when kept above freezing temperatures. Performance and range dramatically decrease when you operate your bike battery below those temperatures and charging deep-frozen batteries may even damage the cells.

For your Uni Moke electric bicycle, we created a special neoprene battery cover, that allows your battery to warm up faster, stay warm longer and also protects this expensive part of your electric bike from spray and ice.

Electric bicycle battery cover / neoprene cover

And because we are from Berlin where it rains about 80 % of all days, we even added a holder for a compact folding umbrella!

Get those fenders / mud guards!

We know some like their bikes rough, rad and naked, but in winter, our fenders are a MUST HAVE.

Full metal fat electric bike fenders / Mud guards

Our full-metal fenders keep spay and mud away from your precious bike frame, battery and components. Our especially designed full-wrap fat wheel mud guards are super easy to install and will improve your ride quality tremendously while reducing cleaning effort and maintenance!

Protect your e-bike when parked

Nothing is more annoying than hopping onto a wet or snow covered bike... So get our unique full-bike cover or at least our more compact seat-covers and display-covers.

Electric bike cover / Motorcycle Cover PU-Nylon

Those covers are low-cost, lightweight and help keep your electric bike dry, clean and protect from precipitation as well as from UV-radiation.

Get your e-bike lights ready

Seeing and being seen is one of the most important things especially in winter, where visibility is often hindered by rain, snow and other adverse conditions!

Prepare your electric bicycle for winter

Definitely install the Uni Moke rear light, add reflectors and maybe even WingLight blinkers!

Electric bicycle blinkers and LED lights for winter

Also make sure you wear reflective gear like our Urban Drivestyle Back-Pack!

Keep your stuff dry and protected

Because we are from norther Europe, we know bad weather. With our watertight frame bags, you are keeping your laptop, Charger and other stuff dry and stored away neatly!

Watertight frame bag for your electric bicycle / e-bike

Believe us, this is not unnecessary gadgeting, details like this make riding in winter days so much easier!

Keeping your electric bike stored in winter

If you plan to store your electric bike and not use, make sure to follow those steps before letting it sit for a few months:

  • Remove the battery and keep it in a warm space
  • Keep your battery charged at all times (recharge every month)
  • Put some protective grease on all screws/ chain/ gear cassette to avoid oxidation
  • Inflate your tires to max. pressure to avoid the tires to deform while standing for a very long time
  • Get a protection cover to keep dust and dirt away
  • Store your bike in a dry and protected place

See all our weather protection gear here!







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