UNI BOOST X - The Urban Multipurpose Electric Scooter from Urban Drivestyle

UNI BOOST X - The Urban Multipurpose Electric Scooter from Urban Drivestyle

June 06, 2019 2 Comments

Electric scooters have played an important role in the history of Urban Drivestyle since the first days, after all being the first big e-scooter rental in Mallorca and having hundreds of electric scooters in rental.

The drawings for a real urban scooter had been in our drawers for a long time and with the approval of electric scooters in Germany the way has been paved to bring an electric scooter on the market, which combines the usability of a cargo bike with the simplicity and comfort of a scooter.

Electric scooters have many advantages over conventional e-bikes and pedelecs:

  • Very simple and compact design
  • Significantly fewer wearing parts, easy maintenance
  • Simple and safe operation, no gear shifting
  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • Lighter construction
  • Comfortable access

Unlike e-bikes, which are basically two vehicles in one (bicycle AND e-vehicle), the electric scooter is designed as a pure electric vehicle and has no components typical for bicycles (chain drive, sprocket, gear shift, bottom bracket, cranks). This makes electric scooters not only lighter, but also considerably easier to maintain.

When the UNI Boost X was developed, the main focus was on the user group of everyday drivers who would like to use their electric scooter as an alternative to a car and who need enough space for shopping and other things in addition to a high payload.

For this reason, the UNI Boost X was designed with modularity and useful accessories in mind, such as cargo racks and coupling options for bicycle trailers.

UNI BOOST X Elektroroller, E-Scooter, E-Roller mit Zulassung

E-Roller für Erwachsene, Elektroroller, Kickroller, Tretroller elektrisch

UNI BOOST X E-Roller, Elektroroller, Elektrokleinstfahrzeug, Lastenrad Zulassung

UNI Boost X's advantages over small folding electric scooters:

  • Extra thick 20x4 inch balloon tires for any ground
  • Extremely good braking performance without the risk of rollover
  • Safe driving even in poor road and weather conditions
  • Very stable and safe handling due to the large wheels
  • Payload of up to 150kg
  • Extremely comfortable due to (optional) front suspension and steel frame
  • Also suitable for long distances
  • Very long service life, less wear and tear
  • Common spare parts and components
  • Additional seat attachments and luggage racks available

UNI Boost X is mainly an environmentally friendly and practical alternative to the e-bike, moped, scooter or car and less of a last-mile solution. The electric scooter for every day, more like a city bike than a folding bike.

The use as a share scooter/rental scooter and the use for delivery and courier services was also considered in the design right from the start.

UNI BOOST Elektroroller, E-Scooter, elektrischer Roller mit Zulassung

Technical data and equipment of the UNI Boost X E-Scooter:   

  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Motor: 500W MXUS wheel hub drive (750W export version)
  • Speed: 20 km/h (25 km/h or 32 km/h for export)
  • Range: 35-40 km
  • Tires: 20 x 4 inch fat wheel tires / optional all-terrain tires
  • Frame: Chromoly steel
  • Battery: 48V 14 Ah Samsung battery, removable
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Payload: 150 kg
  • Lighting LED/brake light
  • Optional front suspension fork
  • Cast aluminium rims
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Tektro E-Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The pre-order price for the A-series will be 1990 Euro (2390 Euro regular retail price).

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Jeff G Rottman
Jeff G Rottman

June 17, 2019

Looks like a winner! 2 rad, rad

Muntz Studios
Muntz Studios

June 14, 2019

Best way to get to a photo shoot around Amsterdam! hands-down!

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