UNI Moke & UNI Swing: A new breed of urban courier and delivery electric bikes

UNI Moke & UNI Swing: A new breed of urban courier and delivery electric bikes

October 11, 2018

Urban Drivestyle designs and creates unique and tough electric bikes with utility and versatility in mind.

UNI Moke and UNI Swing electric utility and delivery bikes have found global fans who actually work with their bikes, be it as a power-horse for trailer operations, food delivery or as courier bikes. 

UNI Moke cargo utility electric bike with trailer for food delivery

Why are Urban Drivestyle electric cargo bikes so great for delivery and cargo?

Just put yourself into the position of a food delivery rider or cargo bike operator in any of the large urban areas of Europe...

What you see as an urban courier or cargo rider most of the day is THIS:

To a professional bike rider, the roads of todays cities are full of potentially deadly traps: Potholes, tram tracks, gutters, couple plaster and sidewalk transitions are just waiting for you to kick you off your bike.

Add bad weather, night time and heavy traffic to the scene and you can imagine what challenges a delivery biker or cargo trailer operator faces daily!

So what are 6 TOP reasons why the UNI Swing is the superior delivery bike?

UNI Swing and UNI Moke where designed from scratch as rugged work bikes with a lot of unique functionalities built in. They are a LOT more than just a bicycle with an electric motor added. 

Electric food delivery e-bike, UNI Moke, cargo bike

Electric bikes are GREAT, but also add even more dangers to riders due to the fact that they are heavier AND faster. So actually, electric drive often means a tram rail or pot hole will simply hit you harder and faster, with less reaction time unless your bike is especially designed for those urban challenges!

So here are the TOP 5 reasons why UNI Swing/ Moke are the better delivery bikes:

1.) Fat moped tires 

We designed our bikes around the newly available 20x4 inch fat wheel tires that are made to take hard beatings and will NEVER get stuck in gutters or tram tracks! Hitting an unexpected bump or pothole that would kick you off any normal bicycle is a no-event on a Swing or Moke!

Urban utility and cargo bikes from Urban Drivestyle

Food delivery bike from urban drivestyle, cargo bike

UNI Swing food delivery electric bike/ cargo bike/ electric bike with trailer

2.) Super rugged and flexible CroMo steel frame

While todays bike industry favours aluminum and carbon, we intentionally went back to the GOOD OLD steel frame design. Steel is extremely strong, flexible and will bend before it breaks. We have seen many bent frames, but never a SINGLE tube failure... Steel frames are very easy to modify and repair by a qualified welder and the flexibility of steel offers extra suspension.

Cool urban electric cargo bike, delivery bike

3.) Great selection of cargo accessories for every professional use case

All UNI bikes can quickly and easily be outfitted with different cargo rack solutions and trailers to adapt to any urban transport mission. From simple cargo boxes all the way uo to Thermo-Containers and heavy-lift cargo trailers, UNI Swing adapts to whatever job at hand!

Cool delivery electric bike for food and cargo

Electric courier and food delivery bike by Urban drivestyle

Electric cargo bike with trailer, delivery bike, food delivery

Heavy load cargo bike with trailer, electric bicycle

Electric delivery bike, cargo bike

4.) High torque engine and quick-change battery

Like any working, all-terrain utility vehicle, torque and power on hills is more important than speed or super long range. If you need to go up a hill with heavy cargo in traffic, you want a RELIABLE and strong engine that will push you up without overheating.

So we use engines that are derated to 250  max. continuous power, but will provide a short time torque of up to 70 NM when needed.

Warm food delivery bike with trailer/ kitchen bike

 5.) A moped style appearance and riders position add to safety

UNI Moke and UNI Swing do look like vintage mopeds because of designers choice, this appearance is simply the result of FAT tires, a steel frame design typical of moped designs of the 70ies and the HUGE headlamp that warns everyone that a motorised vehicle is approaching.

Add to this the typical upright seating position and you will get a vehicle that resembles a moped from past days. 

Seating upright like on a vespa scooter adds to comfort and allows the rider to surveil traffic a lot better than on a normal bike, where riders need to hunch over the steering bar. 

Being able to lower the legs in difficult traffic situations ads to riders stability and safety further.

The huge headlamp and overall appearance is not only COOL, it really warns others that there is a motorised vehicle approaching, reducing conflicts with crossing traffic tremendously!


6.) Branding and brand awareness

UNI Moke and UNI Swings turn heads... wherever you go! They transport a clean and sustainable image while being cool at the same time!

Advertising and Theme bike: Uni Moke cargo and delivery bike

Advertising bike and Theme bike: Uni Moke cargo and delivery bike

Advertising and Theme cargo bike: Uni Moke cargo and delivery bike

Theme bike with advertising print, cargo bike for advertising

We created a set of cool branding options ranging from side panels, cargo box design and front panels to help YOU connect this positive image with your brand or company!


Get your personal quote TODAY if you are running a courier service or cargo bike business!






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