Branded electric bikes for businesses! Why you should also have one...

Branded electric bikes for businesses! Why you should also have one...

October 11, 2018

Ever noticed how vintage bicycles and cool e-bikes are more and more used as advertising signs in front of cafes, bakeries, fashion shops and even in fancy company office spaces to create a cool, sustainable, trustworthy and "crafted" image?

Branded advertising bicycle, e-bike, Theme Bike, bike for advertisement

With Urban Drivestyle Themed Ebikes, you can take this effect even further: Get your own company electric bike that will not only look great in front of your venue, but also is a very useful, valuable and ready to go tool to increase the productivity of your company or shop!

1.) How a branded company e-bike increases productivity at no cost

How often do you send employees to the post office? The tax advisor? To get Sushi for that important business guest? To buy coffee? To get that urgent flyer from the print shop? Send them with your own, branded electric bike!

Theme bike/ branded bike/ advertising bike

Electric courier and company bike with branding/ advertising bike

Imagine you can do ALL that with an electric bike that only costs 25 Cents to charge and that will reduce the time to run errands by over 60 % compared to using the car. And in the same time will be a great branding for your company at ZERO cost.

2.) How much is the cost of a outdoor advertising display compared to an ebike?

The reason why bicycles are used so often as advertising displays is not only the fact that bicycles transport a very positive and sustainable image. They can actually legally be parked outside your office or shop at no cost and do not require a permit or  tax on public space. Free advertising space for you!

Branded advertising bicycle, e-bike, bicycle trailer, Theme Bike, bike for advertisement

Branded advertising bicycle, e-bike, Theme Bike, bike for advertisement

Bike branding, bike advertising, electric bike for promotion and advertising

In addition to that, it can be relocated easily to places where you may get even more attention than in front your door!

3.) Why use a UNI Moke e-bike when I could just as well use a cheap vintage bike?

Because UNI Moke is a lot more than just a bike: It turns heads where ever you appear, it will work for you as your personal cargo- and courier bike and it will pay itself by just being parked visibly on the road. 

Branded advertising bicycle, e-bike, Theme Bike, bike for advertisement

Themed advertising electric bike with trailer, company bike, business bike

And hey: You can even bring your kids to school on it (just don't tell the tax office...)!

4.) You can even advertise with it without having a fixed location

Are you a freelancer, copyrighter, photograph, designer, blogger, youtuber and you work in an home office?

Then your branded company bike can provide JUST the visibility you need without even having a actual shop, office or showroom! Just park it in front of the coolest cafe in town...

5.) Tax deduction and free transport

Well, of course you can buy a branded Theme Bike for you company and deduct the costs from your taxes. But there is more: Many cities even pay subsidies for the implementation of cargo and utility bikes to reduce car traffic! 

 Brandet hotel bike/ adverting electric bike/ bike advertising



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