Fat bikes - the perfect all weather bikes!

Fat bikes - the perfect all weather bikes!

May 26, 2020

We want an electric bike for everyone, 365 days a year! Therefore we have specialized on fat tires. But that's not the only reason. Here you can find out why 20x4inch fatties are not only cool, but also super practical! 

 UDX E-Bike BMX mit 20x4 TIres

1. Fatbikes are all-weather bikes

The advantages of a fat-tire bike with an electric motor are enormous. While the non-motorized versions are power-sapping, this is not the case with the e-fat bike.  In contrast to normal bikes, fat bikes have a larger contact surface and therefore more grip. Even in bad weather, they offer more safety and better riding performance.


2. Fatbikes are all-terrain electric bikes – even in cities

Fat bikes not only offer great potential for offroad use, but also clear the way in cities. The tread pattern of the tires is too wide to get stuck in the narrow grooves or tram rails, cobblestone pavement and stairs are no obstacle for fat bikes, either.


3. Fat tires are the better suspension 

Depending on your preferred tire pressure, you can get a lot of suspension out of it. It should be noted that the less air pressure a tire has, the more suspension it offers, but also more energy is consumed to maintain the speed.


4. The supply of spare parts is no longer a problem

The supply of spare parts and accessories was not always easy until recently, but we always offer all the necessary accessories for the bikes we sell.

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Conclusion – Cool all-season electric bikes

Those who like e-bike riding will love electric fat bikes. Poor paths, potholes, and mogul tracks are simply "swallowed" by the thick tires. That means extreme riding fun in any weather condition.

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