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A really hot tracking tip plus 10 sensational security hacks for locking your e-bike

A really hot tracking tip plus 10 sensational security hacks for locking your e-bike

May 07, 2021

We here at Urban Drivestyle would like to present the Urban Drivestyle GPS-Tracker to you. It’s an anti-theft device you simply can’t do without. 

Plus, see how to lock up and unlock your valuable e-bike and what else you need to take care of for the security of your pedelec. 

Using your UD-bike you can get from A to B in safety, comfort and with a good environmental conscience. You arrive at work relaxed and, at the weekend, a bike trip for two or with several riders is even more fun. But then the nightmare! You go to your e-bike and it’s gone or you don’t know where you’ve left it charging or locked it up. Well that won’t happen with your UD-bike. 

Relax, you have a UD-bike Tracker! 

Had an accident, had it stolen or simply parked it and can’t remember where? With the compact, smart UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0 GPS-TRACKER you can get around with confidence and worry-free. You can use and control all the features using an app. 

Here’s a summary of the most important info about the GPS-Tracker 

Report an accident with the GPS-Tracker

If you’ve had an accident with your pedelec, the Tracker has accident recognition with a service centre and emergency service. 

Re-locate with the GPS-Tracker

If you’ve parked your cherished bike but can’t find it anymore, you have theft protection and a recovery service all included. The proportion recovered is currently over 93 percent. 

Activity tracking with the GPS-Tracker: how far have you ridden?

You can use even more features and services with the app. For example, would you like to know what routes you’ve ridden, how many kilometers you’ve covered and how much CO2 you’ve saved in comparison with using a car? Using your GPS- Tracker you can manage your travel statistics with ease. 

You can access additional technical data, info and Tracker mounting instructions on the UD-Bike-Tracker product details page. 

If you act on all our tips, you can be even more relaxed as you get around on your UD-bike, day and night, whether your UD-bike is on or off duty. 

Summary of all the important UD e-bike Tracker data

Technical data: 

  • small, compact, concealed installation 
  • GPS & LTE narrowband (includes location in buildings and cellars) 
  • motion sensor 
  • onboard battery with 2 weeks’ independent operating time 
  • up to 5 months in sleep mode (e.g. winter time) 
  • IP54-certified 
  • excellent network coverage


Companion app:

  • e-bike registration via QR code 
  • manages any number of bikes and scooters 
  • share tracking with friends and family
  • 3-year connectivity included 

Travel statistics:

  • routes ridden 
  • distance 
  • trip duration 
  • speed 
  • CO2 saving 
  • live-tracking 
  • Google Maps connection for navigation 

Additional features:

  • book your e-bike insurance from the app at bargain rates 
  • emergency assistant via e-call: accident recognition and alarm relay to 
  • relatives; if necessary, notification of emergency physician 
  • cellphone alarm function (push) in the event of unauthorized movement or 
  • taking of the bike or scooter 
  • theft tracing including recovery guarantee: report your bike stolen and 
  • either we recover your e-bike within 24 hours or you receive a new one 
  • planned: P2P sharing of your bike 

Now for the 10 best security tips for locking your UD-bike up safely 

• E-bike security with Abus:

A good lock is half the battle. If you’re going to lock your bike securely, don’t go for false economies. As a rule of thumb your lock should be well worth 5-10 percent of the e-bike purchase price to you. Our recommendation: the Abus folding bike lock. Extra tip: always engage the lock as high as possible on the bike frame. That way the thief can’t prop the bolt-cutter against the ground. 

• Lock it, like it’s hot:

Always lock your UD-bike through the back wheel, because that’s where the motor is. Never ever lock your valuable UD-bike just through the front wheel. The front wheel is easy to detach and relatively cheap to replace afterwards. 

• Security is smart:

Lock your bike to fixed objects like posts, firmly attached bike racks or cellar window grills. Take care that the object is firmly attached to the ground or wall. 

• The police recommend:

Don’t make it too easy for the thief. Defeating two locks takes a lot more time than just one. Which means, if a thief only has a maximum of three minutes to steal your bike, two good locks significantly raise the time required. 

• What’s gone is gone:

Always lock easily removable parts of your bike separately, like a quickly-detachable saddle for example. Urban Drivestyle’s cool e-bikes don’t actually have any quickly-detachable components, but that’s no guarantee. Many bikers in the UD community have customized their e-bikes in such a way that the bike accessories potentially remain unprotected on the bike. If you have a separate lock for these items, take it along. 

• Battery, battery and battery again:

Always take the battery with you. Why? Alongside the motor it’s not only a core element of your bike, but also the most expensive component. There’s a practical side benefit in the winter; the e-bike battery is sensitive to cold and it’s safer to store it in a warm room. Its capacity won’t degrade so fast. But if you do leave the battery outside, always take the battery key out and take that with you. 

• One and one = security:

Keep the two keys to the battery separate. It’s best to always keep one key at home or in the same place. 

• GPS-Tracker it is!

And if you don’t want to leave a thing, not one thing, to chance, then we recommend you go for a GPS-Tracker. Our tip: the UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0 GPS TRACKER. There’s even a 100% recovery GUARANTEE. 

We wish you yet more fun on your next UD-ride!