How to prepare your electric bike for autumn & winter

How to prepare your electric bike for autumn & winter

August 24, 2020

Electric bikes have long since become an integral part of everyday life and have long since proven their worth as a means of transportation for the whole year.

However, like all motorized vehicles, electric bikes need some attention and preparation to be fit for the autumn and winter season! So before you plunge into the cold season, you should pay special attention to the following points so that your electric fatbike is optimally prepared for the winter.

Basic points regarding bike preparation for the cold season:

  • Clean and dry your bike regularly – especially in autumn and winter, Mud and salt attack metal components like frame and add-ons.
  • Check all components before autumn and replace wearing parts such as brake pads and tires if necessary.
  • Install weather protection such as mud or splash guards.
  • Check and optimize your lighting for the winter, as it gets darker sooner.
  • Especially in the wet season, use tires that provide good grip and still have enough tire pattern.
  • E-bike batteries don’t like the cold and will decrease in capacity, so keep them warm + charge and store them inside at room temperature ALWAYS! 24°C would be  just perfect.
  • Protect your e-bike from snow and rain even when it’s parked by using weatherproof covers!
  • Get waterproof bags and backpacks to transport your belongings dry and safe
  • Ride with increased attention and foresight as the roads are more slippery and braking distance is significantly higher in cold and wet conditions – use the brakes equally and carefully.

    How do I keep my battery warm?

    The most expensive and valuable component of your bike is the battery. Many owners of electric bikes do not know that these power packs are very sensitive to low temperatures and that both performance and range suffer in temperatures below freezing point. It is also not advisable to store or charge the batteries at temperatures below zero degrees. Lithium-ion batteries show significant signs of decreased overall capacity and therefore range in temperatures below 10°C compared to wamer circumstances above 15° to 20°C.

    For our Silverfish batteries, we have therefore developed a special neoprene battery cover, which ensures that your battery warms up faster, reaches higher operating temperatures and stays warm longer when you park your electric fatbike for a while. The battery also cools down slower by riding wind!

    Electric bicycle battery cover / neoprene cover

    Mud and splash guards for your electric fatbike

    Even if "naked" bikes look cool, fenders and splash guards should be installed by winter at the latest. This protects the frame and electronics, but also your clothes and prevents you from giving other riders on the bike path a dirty shower!


    Full metal fat electric bike fenders / Mud guards

    Our high-quality all-metal mudguards for all our bikes are pulled extra far around the order and rear wheel and keep you, your electric bike and others as dry as possible!  

    Raincovers for your bike

    Nothing is more annoying in winter than getting on a wet or snow-covered bike. We have therefore developed special weather protection covers and shields for our electric bikes, which protect you and your bike for winter weather cabriolets!

    Electric bike cover / Motorcycle Cover PU-Nylon

    Our covers are cheap, light, and protect your electric bike from dust and UV radiation even in summer!

    Lighten up your electric bike

    See and be seen is not only about the cool performance on your UD fatbike, but also about your personal safety, especially in the dark season!

    Prepare your electric bicycle for winter

    Therefore make sure all your lights work well and install new ones if you have non! Also, pay attention to the tires. Slick-tires may look cool, but in autumn and winter on wet roads, they may not be the best. Now consider whether you want to change to Knobby tires.

    Also, use reflective clothing and accessories and dress waterproof ;-)

    Keep your stuff dry

    We are from Berlin and therefore know how annoying it can be when everything gets soaking wet just because it's pouring! Use our waterproof frame bags to start the day completely relaxed! It is worth it...

    Watertight frame bag for your electric bicycle / e-bike

    We wish you a good journey into the winter and a safe and relaxed ride at all times!