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How UD Bikes help you realize your good resolutions in 2022

How UD Bikes help you realize your good resolutions in 2022

December 30, 2021

All good resolutions already exist, we just need to apply them.Blaise Pascal (1623-62), French mathematician and philosopher

Do you also have exciting resolutions for the New Year 2022?

UD Bikes helps you to realize them! 7 it one stroke. ;-) You don't believe me? Then read on ... (even if you don't have any good resolutions, after reading this you'll surely have some ;-)

So, here are a few reasons why a new Urban Drivestyle bike should not be missing in 2022 and will help you realize YOUR good resolutions for 2022:

Wondering what these good resolsutions for 2022 should be?

  • More exercise and fresh air?

Leave the car, say goodbye to public transport. Your new bike will get you there
faster, keep you moving and breathe cleaner air.
Levi - Customer Care

  • Family & Friends?

More time with the most important people. One bike, multiple people. Together
with family and friends through the urban jungle and beyond.
Andi - CEO

Urban Drivestyle CEO driving on Urban E Bike

  • Living more environmentally conscious?

Electric drive instead of gasoline and CO2 - whether to go shopping, to go to work or to go to the movies.
Nina - Team Sales

  • Less stress?

With a bike, you're much more relaxed on the road, avoid traffic jams and take the shortcut through the park. :
Fabi - Tech Support

Urban E Bike Manufacturer Berlin Employee drives E Bike

  • Quit smoking?

If you cycle a lot, you can't smoke, your lungs won't take it for long!
Ossian - Founder


  • Shopping locally?

Instead of driving to the mall, from now on, it's off to the local marked and small
retailers. On your e-bike. That's sure. Good for the environment and the economy.
Julia - Sales + Marketing

Urban Drivestyle Emplyee rides E Bike with Child

  • Smile more often?

When you're on the road with us, we can't get the grin off your face! It's the
famouse UD-Smile.
Jonas - Bike Mechanic 

That said: keep on riding! - And smiling – in 2022!

Your UD-Team

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Urban Drivestyle E Bike Employee rides  Electric Bike with friend