electric bikes are good for your healths

5 Reasons why riding an electric bike is good for your health

May 26, 2020

Riding an electric bike is up to date. No questions. It's also practical. But apart of all of this, it's healthy. We tell you why:

1. You do moderate exercise

Studies have proven that sport is the best for our health within reasonable limits. Especially to prevent heart disease and heart attacks. For this purpose 2.5 hours of moderate exercise are recommended daily. Riding an electric bike helps you to achieve this goal. The electric motor supports you while riding, depending on the chosen speed level, which is especially helpful on hilly tracks and for handicaped riders. This avoids overexertion and is also great fun!

2. You ride your bike further and more often

An electric bike motivates you to cycle every day. It turns your daily ride into an adventure you look forward to every day. The electrical support allows you to ride longer distances than you would with a conventional bike. A study has proven that cyclists who have switched to an e-bike have covered more than twice as much distance afterwards!


3. You are out in the fresh air more often

Since e-bike riding is easier and more fun than normal cycling, electric bikes are used much more often than the common bike. Even the daily commuting distances are now often done with the electric bike instead of a car. E-bike riders therefore spend much more time in the fresh air. This is good for the blood pressure and strengthens the immune system! 

4. You are less stressed

Getting the kids to school in the morning and getting to work on time can be quite a challenge and stressful! With an electric bike, you will never again be stuck in traffic jams or have to look for a parking space. This reduces the stress level enormously and thus prevents illnesses. After all it has been proven that the cause of many illnesses is based on stress!

5. You laugh more

Laughter is definitely good for your health. No doubt. And believe us: our electric bike riders laugh much more often than before. Simply because our bikes are so much fun. Try them – you'll love it with a big smile on your face!

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