UNIMOKE V2 - Sport Utility E-Bike new version update

Finally, serial production of the long awaited UNIMOKE V2 is fully running and we are frequently asked about a full technical update about all the changes and improvements that went into this version compared to the Spain-made V1 MOKE E-bikes.

1.) UNIMOKE  History

When we built the first (Uni)MOKE-Type bikes in our workshop in Spain, our goal was to produce a very strong, sturdy and compact utility bike that could easily carry two persons or haul around whatever needs to be hauled around. We also wanted a very simple, easy to maintain machine that could be fixed up basically at any metal shop all over the world.

After the amazing success on Indiegogo early in 2017 we launched the V1 Series, which was still handmade in Spain but at a dedicated metal workshop with the right machines to do so in larger numbers than we were able to do in our bike shop. All V1 machines were delivered to early Indigogo backers in Spain and Germany.

In the same time, we put 7 MOKE into tourist rental and 3 in private use to thoroughly test and evaluate the concept further. After a total of over 50.000 km on our machines, we sat down to create the V2 version we called UNIMOKE.

2.) Technical changes and improvements

The V2 basically was designed from scratch, using SolidWorks as a design software. Every little pit and piece of the V2 was redrawn, calculated for static forces and durability and put into production ready parts and component list of drawings.


While in the design process, we closely double-checked and prototyped with our production partner, SEic Bicycles Ltd. in Taiwan to make sure everything goes together nicely and smooth.


The mayor changes to the UNIMOKE vs. original MOKE are:

Frame and body

  • Full Cromoly-steel frame and fork
  • Wider wheel stance for more comfort even for large drivers
  • More pedal space to the front wheel
  • Removeable rear deck/ cargo carrier and seat
  • Much stronger front fork assembly and 44 mm head tube
  • Stronger disc brake mounts to take more forces in later Moped versions
  • Longer and more comfortable seat bench
  • Adjustable control bar assembly 
  • Added stiffness of the battery/ controller cage to take very heavy vertical loads
  • Added strength for trailer operation

Engines/ Controllers/ brakes

  • Change to the BAFANG G06 Series with 250-750 W nominal power/ 350-1000 W peak power, optimised for uphill performance and high torque for large loads.
  • Change of the controllers to sinus wave for very smooth operation
  • Reprogramming the PAS/ controller curves for a soft start
  • Adding hydraulic brakes for the 500 W/ 750 W as an option
  • Including a brake light function for the rear light
  • Changing main light to LED 

All of these changes make the UNIMOKE V2 a much more grown up, more rugged yet lighter and most importantly, much more versatile setup.

Right now, we are working on some special use UNIMOKES like a version for food delivery and a law enforcement version for police and governmental agencies.

Also, a no-pedal version is currently in final development that will mainly be used to replace traditional scooters and mopeds.




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