Urban Drivesyle E-Bike News & Updates

Urban Drivesyle E-Bike News & Updates

April 30, 2021

Dear Community, 

we inform you right here on about all news, product and delivery updates. So, stay tuned for all the latest news from our headquarters in Berlin!

+++ New frame production in cooperation with Stechert Gmbh++

As of now, the new, optimized chromoly steel frames of the Urban Drivestyle e-bikes come from Stechert in Trautskirchen. The renowned brand, known for metalworking "Made in Germany" since 1950, takes the quality of the frames to a new level through automated welding with robots.

+++ Increase of projduction capacity +++ Delivery update 15.07.: MK motorcycle lamps and pedal cranks +++ Delays in customer support ++++

Since June 11th the UD Headquaters are located in the old Herlitz factory in Berlin, Niederschöneweide. The production capacity could be massively increased there.

Despite the new production capacity, there are currently delays of up to 4 weeks for the motorcycle lamps, which are used as standard lighting on the UNI MK and Swing. Alternatively, the bikes can be supplied with the Trelock LS 780 AIRFLOW 100 Lux or the 6.5-inch motorcycle headlight with grille. The standard lamp is expected to be available again from the third week of August.

At the moment there is also a delay in customer support due to illness. We apologize for this.



The pending delivery of the hydraulic brakes is delayed due to the still ongoing supply bottlenecks. A first delivery is expected to arrive in Berlin in mid-June. From then on, we expect smaller deliveries from different suppliers every 14 days. By acting flexible, we can ensure the regular delivery of hydraulic brakes from the end of June until the end of the year for the entire production. The delivery time of outstanding bike orders will be delayed by another 14 to 21 days.

We have sufficient stock of high quality mechanical brakes as well as some sets of premium Hope hydraulic brakes. Bikes with these brakes can be delivered within a few days and can of course be retrofitted at any time later. If you want to customize your order, please contact us at [email protected] 


Finally the time has come: From June 7th to 11th the UD headquarters will move to a great new location, the old Herlitz factory in Berlin, Niederschöneweide. The service team and the sales department will be available for you at any time during this period. However, on-site pick-ups and appointments cannot take place during this period and production will be interrupted for a short time.

The new location has a size of 3500 sqm and offers enough space to increase the production depth, storage capacities and development frequency. For example, an own powder coating facility is planned in order to be able to deliver individual coatings faster in the future. Furthermore, the location is being actively developed as an e-mobility hub in order to establish a new e-mobility location here with partners. Interested parties can contact us directly at the following email address createfahrfreude @ urbandrivestyle.com

+++ Shipping Update 3rd of May – Headtubes, MK suspension forks, tires and mechanical brakes +++

As you've certainly noticed, there still are supply chain bottlenecks on the bike component market in 2021. We have been able to solve most of these issues, which is why we are able to deliver throughout! Nevertheless, some parts are still incoming:
We solved the shortage of 20x4 tires and have all tires back in stock.
All bikes with MK suspension forks have recently experienced delivery delays due to the blocade of the Suez Canal. From week 19 however, all outstanding orders with suspension forks will be manufactured with priority and delivered until probably mid-May.
Headtubes from our Berlin suppler are in delay and will arrive by the end of this week
Hydraulic brakes will arrive in mid / late May in Berlin. We deliver meanwhile on request either with high-quality mechanical disc brakes or for an additional charge with high-end Hope Tech brakes!
If you want to customize or change your order, please contact us at [email protected]
For further questions about delivery times simply contact [email protected]
Thank you and ride safe!

 +++ From now on you ride climate neutral with Urban Drivestyle +++

We proudly announce that Urban Drivestyle has established CLIMATE NEUTRALITY according to the measurements of the Leaders For Climate Action @LFCA.
Our mission is to create a meaningful impact by implementing sustainable reduction measures within our company. WE’RE NOW 100% CLIMATE NEUTRAL!
Leaders for Climate Action (Read More about it here).