Leather Handlebar Grips Mellow Classic


Dark Brown
Urban Black

The handlebar grips are one of the three contact points a rider has with his bike which emphasizes their importance! They should be handy and slip-proof and offer enough comfort to ensure total control over the bicycle while their looks are definitely on a lower priority! These luxury leather grips combine both - appearance and usability!

The luxury leather bike grips give your UNI MK the special touch and add to its vintage moped look! They're super comfortable and offer natural breathability in a stylish mellow classic look. Made of high-quality leather and available in brown or black - these bicycle handlebar grips refine your bike, whether it's a UNI MK or not!

Luxury leather grip features

  • Brand: Contec
  • Material: leather, aluminum clamps
  • Colors: brown, black
  • Length: 125mm
  • Includes:
    2x plastic caps to close off handlebar ends, 2x leather grips, 4x metal clamps to hold grips in place
  • High comfort with natural breathability
  • Mellow classic design fitting UNI MK's vintage look