Rear Rack & Seat Extension / Passenger Seat

Seat Cushion

You love riding your UNI MK/Swing/Bobber and want to share this experience with someone else? There is a way to make the unique and super long UNI MK seat even longer!

The rear rack seat extension is the ultimate modification for your UNI MK to make it a real two-seated electric bike! The rack itself is made of extra strong Chromoly steel. The seat consists of molded polyurethane foam with a carbon optic seat cover.

The rear rack without seat is a great way to carry different kinds of cargo and allows you to attach a basket, a transport box or even a bicycle child seat!

When riding with passengers we recommend to use footpegs so your passengers can safely place their feet on them!

Note: Rear rack and seat cushion are only included in the set! The individual rear rack without seat is available separately. Therefore choose in the drop-down menu! 

Seat extension rack features

  • Materials: Chromoly steel & molded polyurethane foam with carbon optic seat cover
  • Color: Black rack & seat cushion
  • Set includes: Rear rack & seat piece
  • Rear rack available with/without seat cushion
  • Specially made for UNI MK E-Bike (V2 & up)