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Tektro Brake Disc Pads

High Performance metal ceramic compound brake disc pads for your UNI MK electric bike made by Tektro.

This pair of standardized brake disc pads fits for cable and hydraulic brakes in your Uni MK and other bikes!

Brake pad features

  • Brand: Tektro
  • Variants:
    • A10.11 (metal-ceramic) the standard
    • E10.11 (organic) particularly low-noise - slightly higher wear
    • P20.11 (ceramic) - particularly stable and wear-resistant
  • Material: ceramic composite (durable), ceramic (stable) and organic (quiet)
  • Includes: two single brake pads (for one bicycle brake) + return spring

Note: In order to replace all brake pads on your bike you need to order this product twice!