Universal Rearview Mirror for Bicycles left / right

You use your UNI Bike often on the road and want to know what's going on behind you? Then this mirror is just right for you!

The universal mounting clamp allows mounting on any motorcycle or bicycle handlebars. The mirror is available in black color and contributes to your safety in traffic and the look of your UNI bike! The longer mirror arm allows for better visibility, the narrower, one-piece mounting clamp offers better placement options on the handlebar – compared to the previous model. A clamping screw on the mirror allows the locking of the mirror surface after its adjustment.


  • For use as a permitted motorcycle mirror, this may require an E-mark in some European countries - this is NOT included.
  • This product contains only ONE universal mirror for left or right, no pair! If you need two mirrors, this product must be purchased twice.

Mirror Features

  • Brand: Ergotech
  • Model: M-55L
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: W 23cm x H 25cm x D 3cm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Includes: ONE universal mirror for left or right with handlebar clamp