UNI MOKE Classic Electric Bike

  • The Uni Moke is the ultimate all-purpose urban electric fatbike! Turn heads on your next ride and make running errands or taking your kids an epic adventure. Experience the long-range 48V Samsung lithium-ion battery pack and the feature rich accessories and you'll never look at your commute the same way.
    The robust chromoly steel frame and the super comfortable, long seat makes and the fat 20 x 4.0 inch tires make the Uni Moke electric bike perfect for biking with kids or as the electric bicycle of choice for heavy and tall riders!
    Each component of the Uni Moke fetwheel electric bike was hand selected by our team of experienced ebike enthusiasts who understand the expectations and real life applications ebikers are looking for – simply because we're e-bike fanatics! We're proud to ride this fully featured fat wheel electric bike with its unique vintage moped design and powerful hub engines for fun, family and work!

    The greatest selection of e-bike accessories in its class

    Standard bike accessories can be mounted on the universal mounting brackets on the frame (bottle holder etc) and our universal rear mounting system allows the addition of cargo racks, child seats and trailer hooks.

    Warranty policy

    We offer an extended warranty of 3 years on frame and fork and 1 year on engine and electronics. 

    Delivery times

    Your Uni Moke electric bike is hand-assembled for you in Berlin according to order specifications. Depending on color, power and selected accessories and due to the huge demand the current waiting times are estimated between 12 and 14 weeks.


    Each single bike is packaged individually in Berlin and comes almost ready to ride! You only have to adjust the handlebar and mount front wheel and headlamp – All necessary tools therefor are included in the package.

  • Basic features

    • Electric Pedal Assist Cycle (EPAC)
    • Speed: 25 km/h (20 mph in the US)
      Max. speed digitally restricted, unlimited power available on request (for private properties only - we do not assume any responsibility for abuse!)
    • Range: 50-60 km (31-37 miles) in ideal conditions (rider weight, terrain, incline, medium PAS level, ...)
    • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm front and 160mm rear disc rotors
    • Gearing: Shimano Acera 7-speed + Shimano TX50
    • Tires: Innova IA2577 20'' x 4.0'' All-terrain tires
    • Pedals: Foldable pedal set (aluminium alloy)
    • Kickstand: Heavy-duty Kickstand (aluminium alloy)
    • Accessories included: Full metal 7" headlight, kickstand, hydraulic brakes, bell – you'll find a huge variety of accessories right here!
    • Colors: Black, White, RAW, Lime Green, Cherry Red, Desert Sand

    Electronic components

    • Motor: Bafang G06 250W / 750W high-torque rear brushless hub motor
    • Battery: Samsung 48V 14.6 Ah lithium-ion battery
    • Battery recharge time: 3-4 hours
    • LCD Display: Speed controls, pedal assist level, mileage, running-time & more
    • Throttle: Thumb throttle (optional)
    • PAS Sensor: Bottom bracket torque / cadence sensor
    • 9 Levels of pedal assist


    • Material: Chromoly steel
    • Welded underbody splash guard
    • Unique frame number laser cut into the side of the battery frame housing to identify each bike!
    • Hardware: Stainless steel bolts & nuts

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Length (total length): 171,4cm
    • Width (handlebar):  69,2cm
    • Height (seat height):  83,9cm
    • Weight: 29kg
    • Packaging: 35kg (170 x 35 x 120 cm)
    • Weight capacity: 135kg (300lbs)
  • What is the current delivery time on a Uni Moke / Swing electric bike?

    Your Uni Moke / Swing electric bike is assembled by hand in our workshop in Berlin. Each and every machine goes through multi-stage assembly line and quality check before being carefully packaged with your selected accessories. Orders are prioritized by order time – the later you order the later your machine will arrive.

    As were are not yet able to produce large amounts on stock we currently have between 10 - 12 weeks delivery time.


    Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

    Purchasing a Uni Moke / Swing ebike within Europe will include taxes and duties. If you provide an international VAT number we can send you a VAT excluded quote.

    If you order a Uni Bike outside of Europe, import taxes and VAT may apply.


    Do you offer installment / payment plans or leasing?

    No, at that time we do not offer such payment options.

    We have a collaboration with Jobrad and BusinessBike (for Germany only) which offer bicycle leasing with your employer. For more information feel free to write us an email to sales@urbandrivestyle.com and we're glad to prepare a personal quote for you.

    Check back with your employer to make sure you can benefit of bike leasing with those to platforms.


    What about warranty on the Uni Moke / Swing?

    All Uni Moke / Swing e-bikes have a warranty of 3 years on frame and fork. On electronics like battery and motor we offer 1 year of warranty. Wearing parts like brakes, tires and others do not have any warranty!

    The warranty does not apply on resold Uni Moke / Swing bikes and is not transferable in case of a re-sale – You have to be the first and original owner!

    Any modifications on the frame or the electrical components of the bikes and lead to cancelation of warranty. This includes the use of a thumb throttle which may affect the lifetime of battery, motor and controller since the bicycle is designed to be a pedal assisted e-bike.


    What motor options are you offering for the Uni Moke / Swing?

    The Uni Moke / Swing electric bicycle comes in two power versions of the BAFANG G06 hub motor – 250W (street legal in Europe) and 750W (USA).
    The 250W version is a street legal bicycle / pedelec in Europe and doesn't require registration, insurance or license. The 750W version is only street legal in the United States and a handful of other countries due to their different e-bike laws & restrictions compared to European law. This version is not allowed in some European countries (including Germany) on public grounds without s-pedelec registration / license and necessary insurance and might therefor only be usable on privat property.


    Can I order Uni Moke 750W even though I live in Europe?

    Yes, we deliver Uni Moke to anywhere in the world. In Europe you have to order the 250W / 25km/h version in order to have a road legal bicycle / pedelec. The stronger 750W versions need to be registered for insurance to be legal as light electric motorbike! Otherwise it is only allowed to be used on private property!

    If you only use your Uni Moke / Swing on private property you can purchase the 750W version without speed limitation.


    Can I ride my Uni Moke / Swing using the thumb throttle only?

    The thumb throttle is very helpful when it comes to accelerating your bike, assisting on uphill stretches or gliding along on flat ground without the need to pedal. The Uni Moke / Swing is designed as a pedal assisted e-bike though and NOT meant to be ridden with throttle only. It may lead to overheating motor and battery which reduces their lifetime considerably as well as reducing the overall range of the bike.

    In addition the thumb throttle is not legal in some European countries! The laws only permit a so called push-assist / starting-aid to max. 6km/h (3,7mph) which is also achieved by pressing and holding the '-' button on the bikes control unit.

    Uni Moke / Swing is designed to be a pedal assisted electric bicycle, not an electric motorbike being propelled by throttle only. Riding with throttle only changes the way you ride considerably. The bicycle's components may suffer this way which leads to shortened lifetime of motor, controller and battery!


    How far can I ride with one fully charged battery?

    Uni Moke's / Swing's battery is built to last up to 40km (24,8 miles) on average riding on flat ground using pedal assist in medium speed mode and without extra passengers or payload. The range always depends on factors like rider weight, surface type and incline, wind and others. To fully recharge the battery it takes 3 - 4 hours with the normal recharging device, the speed charger cuts recharging time in half.


    Can I still ride Uni Moke / Swing if the battery runs out of power?

    Of course! If you run out of power you're able to ride Uni Moke / Swing like a regular bicycle. The Uni Moke / Swing electric bike will always bring you back home safely, even without pedal assist. The bike's mechanical bicycle gearing simplifies riding without electric support enormously.


    Can the battery be taken out of the bike?

    Yes it can. Simply push the key into unlock position and remove it, flip up the seat and pull the battery out. This allows you to take the battery inside for recharging at home or at work. We recommend to always keep your battery in average temperature surroundings to prevent any affection by low temperatures!


    How long is the lifetime of a Uni Moke / Swing battery?

    Generally spoken, our batteries have a lifetime of 800 - 1000 cycles (full recharges) if used properly and when regularly recharged. Lithium-Ion batteries are sensitive to low temperatures which affect their output power. We recommend to always take and store your battery inside if possible, especially during wintertime and cold temperatures! We're also offering a neoprene cover to insulate your battery while riding.


    Where do I get spare parts or batteries?

    Unlike many other electric bikes with integral or specialized battery and electrical components, the Uni Moke / Swing e-bikes use a very common and reliable mass produced battery, motor and controller system that is available in most e-bike stores or online. The same goes for technical components, as we use very popular brand parts and systems.

    We have a variety of spare parts available in our online shop so you can order them whenever needed!


    What kind of accessories do you currently have and what can I expect in the near future?

    We are constantly extending our variety of accessories, models and extras.

    Right now, we offer front and rear cargo racks, child seats, saddle bags and bicycle trailer for the Uni Moke / Swing electric bikes. We also have high quality bike gear like locks, helmets, tool kits and more available.

    We're always open minded about new accessory ideas and thoughts so let us know what you think!


    How does the rear rack adaption of Uni Moke / Swing work?

    Uni Moke / Swing is a real utility electric bike made for fun, family and work! The rear end of the bike is adaptable to your needs and can be swapped within a couple minutes only. You'd like to pickup a friend? No big deal, get the rear seat extension rack on. You have to go grocery shopping and don't know where to place your goods? No problem, mount a rear or front cargo rack and off you go.


    Can I take children on a Uni Moke electric bicycle?

    Absolutely! The Uni Moke's super long seat allows you to carry one kid in front of you (with foot pegs and belly-belt backpack) and a second one in a child seat mounted on the rear rack of the bike.

    Riding with kids always is a question of responsibility and safety. We're recommending to ride carefully at all time in order to keep the chances of risks as low as possible and to ensure the safety of you and your passengers!

    We have to note that this riding configuration might not be legal in some countries and we ask you to check with your local authorities!

    Do you have a network of dealerships to make test rides and purchase a Uni Moke / Swing from?

    No, we do not work together with bicycle shops or dealerships for many reasons. This way we'll keep Urban Drivestyle's exclusiveness and are the only contact person for any concern ensuring that there are no communication barriers or other problems due to the participation of another party.

    That is the reason we only sell the Uni Moke / Swing online or from our headquarter in Berlin or selected locations.

    How can I test ride the Uni Moke e-bike?

    Test rides are available in our headquarters in Berlin and at selected locations in Europe and the United States – Just contact us by e-mail or join the Urban Drivestyle Owners Group Intl. on Facebook to meet Uni Moke / Swing riders around the globe in your city or closer area.

    Our community is the best out there, being open minded and helpful and letting interested people see and test their Uni Moke / Swing bikes! We mean it:
    You guys are amazing – thanks for your trust!


    Does Uni Moke / Swing come in different sizes?

    The Uni Moke electric bicycle is designed to fit it all! Like on a moped, seating position is variable due to the long saddle while the steering bar is designed to be adjustable in height and position.


    How much weight can Uni Moke / Swing handle?

    The Uni Moke is build strong and can handle loads up to 150kg+ with ease, although the official max. payload is 135kg. We recommend to avoid hilly terrain and limit driving speed to max. 20km/h (12,4mph) when riding with children or a second person.


    How much does a Uni Moke / Swing e-bike weigh?

    Uni Moke's / Swings's weight is determined to 29kg (64lbs) ready to ride. The carry handle on the rear end of the bike allows you to lift and move it around easily.


    How is the Uni Moke / Swing e-bike delivered and is it easy to assemble?

    Uni Moke / Swing electric bikes come almost ready to ride in one well packed box (171cm x 33cm x 87cm with 35kg). Finalizing your bike to get it running requires minimal assembly and consists basically in adjusting the steering bar and mounting front wheel and headlamp. Accessories like rear seat extension rack, back light or others are not installed on the bike when ordered, can be easily mounted though using our Youtube tutorials. Otherwise we're offering separate assembly of these accessories for a little extra cost.


    Instead of being delivered, can I pick up my Uni Moke / Swing e-bike by myself?

    Yes absolutely! If you ordered your Uni Moke / Swing in advance you can always arrange a pickup date with us to take home your bike personally as soon as it's ready.


    Do you offer speed or power tuning for Uni Moke / Swing?

    All Uni Moke / Swing bikes are digitally restricted to 25km/h in Europe and 20mph in the United States even though their components would allow a higher overall speed.

    Tuning parts like the new freehub with freewheel which enhance the riding performance are available in our shop and totally legal.

    The electrical components of Uni Moke / Swing like the hub motor and the accessible controller are common e-bike parts which can be exchanged for different ones to enhance the bike's performance. Either you have the necessary know-how to do this on your own or you know a qualified e-bike technician who would take care of that for you.

    Either way, tuning an electric bike may lead to losing road legality in some countries depending on national e-bike laws. We strictly do not recommend making any technical modifications on any electronic parts of the bike to ensure your safety while riding and the safety of other traffic participants. We are also not taking over any responsibility in such cases and any warranty will be suspended immediately!

    Tuning an e-bike may be a criminal offense in some countries as maximum power output and speed will exceed the permitted values!

    If you're planning on using your Uni Moke / Swing on private property only, those laws may not apply and allow you to operate the bikes without limited power output – check back with your local authorities!