Bafang Controller 48V

Controller Type
Light Output

The sine wave brushless controller for e-bike hub motors

This controller is installed in all UNI MK/Swing/Bobber fat bikes, V4 and newer models.

Controller features

  • Rated voltage: 48V
  • Max. current: 12±1A / 20±1A
  • Rated current: 6±1A / 10±1A
  • Low voltage protection: 40±1V
  • Length: 8,3cm / 11,7cm
  • Width:  5,5cm / 5,5cm
  • Height:  3,2cm / 3,2cm
  • Input/Output: Battery + & -, Main Cable Tree, Motor Cable, PAS, Light
  • Light Output: 2-pin Japan plug (V4) or 2-pin HiGo plug (V5)