Silverfish Battery Pack 48V


Powerful battery packs made in Germany!

Our powerful lithium-ion 48V battery packs allow you to increase your overall range and to always have a second charged battery available. The battery features 2850mAh / 3400mAh cells from Samsung, installed in a silverfish type battery casing that comes with BMS, CE/ROHS certificate, a key set and will fit all UNI MK electric bikes!

Our BRAND NEW 20.4Ah lithium-ion battery increases the bike's range up to 100+ km on one charge!


    • Since V5 UNI MK models (frame number starts with 05...), we're only using 48V systems for 250W & 750W motors!
    • 48V x 10.6Ah = 508,8Wh | 48V x 14.5Ah = 696Wh | 48V x 20.4Ah = 979,2Wh

      Battery features

      • Brands: Samsung cells in Silverfish housing
      • Voltage: 48V
      • Capacity: (10.6Ah | 14.5Ah | 20.4Ah)
      • Plug Socket: XLR female
      • BMS (= Battery Management System)
      • CE/ROHS certificate
      • Includes: Battery + keys
      • Made in Germany