The UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0 is a unique, smart and tiny GPS tracker which you can use to protect your e-bike easily in conjunction with an app. The solution also provides access to other services line emergency call and community based bike tracking and finding.

This outstanding device and App-solution has been developed in cooperation with IoT Venture in Germany and will be ready for shipping in December!

Urban Drivestyle E-Bike GPS Tracker IOT Module for Sharing and private theft protection

What's in it?

The unique UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0 technology is based on the innovative, globally available NB-IoT radio standard for the Internet of Things. Difficult-to-reach locations present no challenge to this low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology – it can easily transmit small data volumes even over longer time periods. Consuming very little power as it transmits, the technology has excellent building penetration and a wide range and generates low component and data transmission costs.

How it works

After parking your bike, you simply activate the tracking service in your app. Sensors will detect if your e-bike should move and you’ll immediately receive a warning and indication of your e-bike’s live location.

Obviously, you can also query your e-bike’s position at any time if you should ever forget where you left it.

Anti theft and location finding

Your e-bike needs to be safe: With UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0, we guarantee a unique solution to protect your e-bike against theft. Simple. Inexpensive. Digital. The solution comprises a built-in tracking module concealed in your e-bike, either installed as standard or as a retrofit. Once fitted, you can query your e-bike’s live location at any time and you also receive a warning of theft.

Emergency Alarm

Travel safe with UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0: hard braking, a bike lying on its side or a sudden reduction in speed to zero may suggest an accident. Sensors detect such situations and can ask you to confirm that everything’s OK via the app.

If you do not respond, the system triggers an emergency call to a contact that you have previously indicated. The system also transmits your location and you can be quickly located and given rapid assistance in the event of an accident.

Community Support

In case of theft, you can choose to publish you bikes location and tracking to others in the UD FIND MY BIKE network so they can assist in locating, reporting and securing your bike once it is located. 

How to install the UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0?

You can either use the UD #FINDMYBIKE 2.0 as a standalone battery powered solution or install it in your bike using the instructions and adaptor cables provided. Its size is 100 x 30 x 12mm.

For new bike orders, we are glad to do that for you for a small service fee.


The price of the UD #FINDMYBIKE includes 3 years of data service. So NO monthly fees or hidden costs!

The Service for Belgium will be available in the first quarter of 2020.