LCD Display E-Bike UNI MK V1 – V3

The LCD Display used on UNI MK (V1 – V3) which shows all necessary information for riding the bike like speed, milage, trip duration and more!

You can choose between different PAS level intervals like 0-3, 0-5 or 0-9 splitting the bikes power ratio the way you prefer. The display mount supports handlebar the following calibers Ø 22.2mm / 25.4mm / 31.8mm.

LCD display features

  • Model: Intelligent 800S
  • Dimensions: 54mm x 90mm x 82mm
  • Supported handlebar calibers: Ø 22.2mm / 25.4mm / 31.8mm
  • Communication Protocol: UART
  • Certifications: CE / EN 15194 / REACH

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