Anti-Puncture Tire Gel 'Marky Boy' Tube Sealant for Fatbikes



Bye bye punctures! Hello No-Flat-Tire Bike Life! Every cyclist's and bike commuter's nightmare is a flat tire, especially when you have to be in time for an important appointment or work!

Those times are over now! Thanks to our NEW preventive Anti-Puncture tire sealant, which keeps the air where it belongs – in your tire's tube! This special sealing compound combined with rubber pellets ensures immediate sealing of tube defects of up to Ø 4mm during riding.

    Anti-Puncture Tire Gel Features

    • Brand: Urban Drivestyle
    • Content: 380ml Biodegradable Gel per bottle
    • 'Marky Boy' can only be applied to car valves
    • You need the valve wrench to remove the valves inner housing
    • One bottle 'Marky Boy' is enough for one 20x4 inch tire
    • Seals puncture of up to Ø 4mm while riding
    • Instructions:
      1. Relieve your tires by jacking up/turning your bike
      2. Release all the air inside the tires by opening the tube's valves
      3. Take out your tire tube's valves with the included valve key tool
      4. Fill in one bottle (380ml) of the tire sealant in each tube
      5. Put the valves back in your tubes
      6. Fill your tubes / tires with air (1,5 bar – 2,0 bar, depends on your tires!)
      7. Ride your bike for at least 2km so the sealant spreads inside the tube!