20x4 Inch Wheel Set for UNI Fat-Wheel Bikes with Bafang G06 E-Motor


The 20x4 inch wheel set comes fully ready to assemble including a Bafang G06 hub motor with 250W or 500/750W continuous power output in the rear wheel. The rim color is black and both wheels come completely spoked and with rim band to protect the tire tube when mounted. The wheelset fits all UNI MK, Boost X and other 20x4 inch fat bike models.

Wheel Set Features

  • Brand: Bafang G06 Electric Motor
  • Material: Aluminium Rims
  • Size: 20 x 4 inch
  • Motor Power: 250W or 500/750W continuous power output
  • Axles: 140mm front, 190mm rear
  • Spoke Length: 174mm Front Wheel, 129mm Rear Wheel
  • Spoke Diameter: 13G 2,3mm Front Wheel / 12G 2,6mm Rear Wheel
  • Includes: Front & Rear Wheel (with Motor), both with rim band, motor cable
  • Cross-laced spokes
  • Fits all UNI MK models and other 20 inch fat wheel e-bikes!