Standard Pedal Arms / Crank Set with Chainring 52T

The standard UNI MK V1 – V3 pedal arm crank set with a 52 Teeth chainring.

This crank set with 52T sprocket on the right pedal arm is installed on all UNI MK V1 to V3 models by default. The simple and robust design ensure the power transmission from muscle power onto the chain into the back wheel. Their standardized threads and spindle allow the installment on other bicycles.

Note: This Crank + Chainwheel Set only fits UNI MK V1 – V3 models with cadence sensor – newer ones like V4 and V5 models with torque sensor have another crank set and chainwheel installed.

Crank set features

  • Material: Aluminium cast with steel Chainring
  • Color: Black
  • Threads: 9/16" x 20 tpi
  • Right-side (drive - chain side) hole is right-hand threaded
    Left-side hole is left-hand (reverse) threaded.
  • JIS 2º square tapered spindle
  • Chainring: 52 teeth steel chainring
  • Includes: 2x pedal arms, right one with chainwheel