Longseat Tall UNI MK

Seat Height 84cm (33inch)

UNI MK Classic's distinctive long seat is probably one of the reasons people think of an old moped when they’re seeing the bike for the first time! Now available for tall people exceeding 190cm (6.28 feet) in two additional heights: +3cm or +5cm

The saddle consists of molded polyurethane foam with a vegan leather cover. This seat is great to carry children on the front part of your UNI MK electric bike or for tall riders.

Long seat features

  • Material: Molded polyurethane foam with vegan leather seat cover
  • Color: Black
  • Seat raiser: +3cm (1,2inch) or +5cm (2inch) (Original seat height 84cm/33inch)
  • Dimensions: L 78cm x W 15cm x H 12cm / L 78cm x W 15cm x H 15cm
  • Includes: Tall long seat (no seat cushion for optional seat extension!)