Bicycle child seat Polisport Koolah RMS for electric bike

Kids love riding with their parents on electric bicycles! - Take them with you on an epic adventure bike ride! The UNI Moke is the perfect family electric bike to transport your children.

Taller children can sit in front of you using footpegs for their feet. For smaller children we recommend the Polisport Koolah RMS.

Once the mounting rack is firmly attached to the carrier, the seat is quickly fixed / removed with just a twist of a screw. When riding without the seat, the mounting rack doubles as practical object carrier holding objects in place with the flexible straps. The mounting kit required for assembling the seat is included.

Polisport Koolah RMS Features

  • For kids up to 22kg (48,5 pounds)
  • Doubles as object carrier when seat isn't mounted
  • Mounting kit required for seat assembly is included


Tutorial on how to mount the child seat on your Uni Moke electric bike