UNI Moke Urban Special Limited Edition

  • The UNI Moke Urban Special is the ultimate all-purpose urban electric fat wheel bike and comes fully equipped with our most popular accessories for urban riders! Turn heads on your next ride doing errands or taking your kids on an epic adventure while bringing them to school! Experience the 48V Samsung long-range lithium-ion battery and feature-rich accessories, and you'll never look at your commute the same way again!

  • The robust Chromoly steel frame, super comfortable long seat, plus the fat 20 x 4.0-inch tires make the Uni Moke electric bike perfect for biking with kids or as the electric bicycle of choice for heavy and tall riders!

  • Each component of the UNI Moke fat-wheel electric bike was hand selected by our team of experienced e-bike enthusiasts who understand the expectations and real life applications ebikers are looking for – because we're e-bike fanatics! We're proud to ride this fully featured fat wheel electric bike with its unique vintage moped design and powerful hub engines for fun, family and work!

    Save 20% with this feature-packed UNI Moke Limited Edition!

    UNI MOKE Urban Special comes ready to ride with VEE Tire Co. Speedster 20 x 4 White-wall tires, seat extension, under-seat charger bag, full wrap custom fenders, rear light, foot pecks, leather grips, wooden pedals, neoprene battery cover with bottle holder and a convenient leather handle on the steering bar.

    Warranty policy

    We offer an extended warranty of 3 years on frame and fork and 1 year on engine and electronics. 

    Delivery times

    Your UNI Moke electric bike is hand-assembled for you in Berlin according to order specifications. Depending on the color, motor, and selected accessories, and due to the vast demand, lead times are estimated between 2 and 10 weeksplease check back with our support team!


    Every single bike is packaged individually in Berlin and comes virtually ready to ride! You only have to adjust the handlebar and mount front wheel and headlamp – All necessary tools, therefore, are included in the package.

  • Basic features

    • Electric Pedal Assist Cycle (EPAC)
    • Speed: 25 km/h (20 mph in the US)
      Max. speed digitally restricted, unlimited power available on request (for private properties only - we do not assume any responsibility for abuse!)
    • Range: 50-60 km (31-37 miles) in ideal conditions (rider weight, terrain, incline, medium PAS level, ...)
    • Brakes: Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm front and 160mm rear disc rotors
    • Gearing: Shimano SL-M310 7-speed + Shimano TX50 Derailleur
    • Tires: Vee Tire Co. Speedster White-Wall 20'' x 4.0'' Street Tires
    • Pedals: Wooden Pedals with (branded) Grip Tape
    • Kickstand: Heavy-duty Kickstand (aluminum cast)
    • Accessories included: Full metal 7" LED headlamp, LED backlight, kickstand, metal fenders, seat extension rear rack, footpegs, neoprene battery cover, hydraulic brakes, bell, leather handlebar grips, safety/StVo Kit (Reflectors, tools, touch-up paint) – you'll find a huge variety of extra accessories right here!
    • Colors: Black, White
    • Manual:

    Electronic components

    • Motor: Bafang G06 250W / 750W high-torque rear brushless hub motor
    • Battery: Silverfish 48V 14.5 Ah lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells
    • Battery recharge time: 3-4 hours
    • LCD Display: Bafang C961 with speed controls, pedal assist level, mileage, running-time & more
    • Throttle: Thumb throttle (optional)
    • PAS Sensor: Bottom bracket double torque sensor
    • 9 Levels of pedal assist


    • Material: Chromoly steel
    • Welded underbody splash guard
    • Unique frame number, laser cut into the side of the battery frame housing to identify each bike!
    • Hardware: Stainless steel bolts & nuts

    Dimensions & Weight

    • Length (total length): 171,4cm
    • Width (handlebar):  69,2cm
    • Height (seat height):  83,9cm
    • Weight: 29kg
    • Packaging: 35kg (170 x 35 x 120 cm)
    • Weight capacity: 135kg (300lbs)
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