The Electric SUV Bike For the Whole Family

Built for great utility. And even more fun.

Electric vehicles from Urban Drivestyle are not only great to ride. They perfectly combine a cool look, great utility and incredible fun. No matter if you are travelling with two adults, with two children or with your dog. Our flexible multi-rack offers the perfect solution for you. It converts our electric bikes into true family-vans.

Your advantages? That's simple!

✓ The XXL seat offers space for up to three passengers.

✓ Child seats& trailer can be attached to all bikes.

✓ Footrests at the front and rear provide the best support passengers.

✓ Passengers always sit directly with the rider. This ensures more safety and more fun when riding.

✓ Additional bags and cargo can be attached to the sides or front.

✓ The fat 20x4 tires ensure optimum grip.

Children love our bikes. Parents too.

Configure Yours

Built only for you!

Our flexible Multi-Rack Solution allows you to customise your bike exactly the way you need it. All for yourself. For one passenger. Or for up to four children.

"My best purchase ever!"

Caroline O'Brian (37) - UK

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