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Maintenance & Service

A bike's life is defined by care and love your investing into it, that's why our bikes are designed to not only polarize, but to allow easy servicing and maintenance.


Follow these steps in case of technical matters and we're sure you'll be helped in no time!

  1. Find the manual or data sheet you're looking for in our download section:


  2. Check our constantly growing and improving Knowledge Base to find solutions to frequently asked technical questions:

    Tech FAQ / Knowledge Base

  3. Haven't found a solution for your technical issues? Then fill in our Tech Support Form and we'll get back to you immediately:

    Tech Support Form

  4. Looking for direct treat and care for your UD Bike? Then get our maintenance service in Berlin! Make a drop-off appointment, drop off your bike in our facilities and we'll get back to you as soon as you can pick it up (min. 5 working days):

    Schedule Bike DropOff Time Slot