Rim Sticker Colored for 20x4 Inch Rim

Colored rim edge stickers for your UNI MK electric bike rims and other 20x4 inch bicycle rims!

Easy to stick on, available in nine different colours. One set includes eight sticker segments (90°) for one rim, four per rim side. Reflective rim stickers reflect incoming light, increasing visibility and contributing to your safety! To stick on both rims of your bike, you need this set twice!

Rim Sticker Features

  • Material: Self-adhesive film
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow-Reflective, Black-Reflective, Silver-Reflective
  • Quantity: 8x 90° sticker-segments per rim, 4x per rim side
  • Includes: 8x Stickers for one rim (+ 1x spare sticker segment)
  • Reflective colors increase visibility and contribute to your own safety