Front Rack with Headlamp Mount

UNI MKs are real utility and cargo bikes offering comfort, high torque and room to carry cargo, passengers and more! You want to add some extra space to carry a bag or backpack? Then check out this front rack with headlamp mount – exclusively handmade for UNI MK electric bikes!

The rack is mounted to the headlamp mounts and replaces the standard headlamp brackets while offering enough stability to carry up to 10kg of load. It's handmade in Germany by our friend and partner Uwe Arndt from Lumabag, who's also creating our bags and backpacks! The rack is adjustable in height due to the extended mounting rail and all necessary mounting parts are included!

Note: This front rack will only fit UNI MK, Bobber & Swing V3 or newer models!

Front rack features

  • Material: Chromoly steel
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: L 29,5cm x W 21,5cm x H 35,5cm
  • Platform Dimensions: L 23,5cm x W 29,5cm
  • Payload: 10kg
  • Includes: Front rack with headlamp mount, mounting parts