MUC-OFF Cleaning Pit Kit

The Muc-Off Cleaning Pit Kit includes

 Bike Cleaner 1,0 Liter
 Bike Spray 500ml
 Claw Brush
 Soft Washing Brush
 Two Prong Brush
 Detailing Brush,
 Expanding Sponge


  • Contains Nano Tech Bike Cleaner for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Contains a selection of Muc-Off brushes for deep cleaning. 
  • Contains Bike Spray for post-wash protection against rust & corrosion.
  • Sold with Storage Tub for your convenience.

DANGER: Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container. May burst if heated. Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children.

The Perfect Cleaning Kit for UNI Moke riders.