Reflective BIKE: Cathedral

With this modular sticker kit for the whole bicycle frame you transform your bike in 10 steps to a reflecting unique specimen! Stick your own design!

This box not only contains a technically sophisticated product, but also our accumulated wealth of experience about user-friendly product design in the form of a detailed step-by-step guide. Thereby you will achieve an absolutely convincing result in a very simple way.

In addition, our video tutorials will help you, which you should definitely watch before you start sticking. In the videos we show you clearly how you can proceed and give you many helpful tips on the way.

The BIKE Kits are suitable for a wide variety of bikes, even for frame geometries that are somewhat unusual. All you need is a pair of scissors and basic trust in your intuition.

For particularly precise work and better access to hard-to-reach areas of the frame, we recommend our premium version, which comes with professional tools (scalpel & squeegee) and a colour-coordinated Reflective SPOKES set.