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Silverfish Akku / Batterie 48V 19.2Ah 920Wh

Powerful German-made electric bike batteries in the standardized Silverfish case.

Our 48V lithium-ion Silverfish battery impresses with high build quality and durability – made in Germany. It contains high quality LG cells and allows a range of up to 100km*.
The battery has an internal BMS module for regulated charging and discharging, a CE/ROHS certificate and comes with a pair of battery keys. The battery ignition lock has three positions: Unlock, Off, On – due to the design, the battery fits in any UNI MK, Bobber, Swing e-bike and is replaced in a flash.

From V5 UNI Bike models (frame number starts with 05....) we have only 48V systems for 250W & Export versions!

    Battery Features

    • Brands: Samsung cells in Silverfish housing
    • Voltage: 48V
    • Capacity: 920Wh = 48V x 19.2Ah
    • Charging Socket: XLR female
    • Dimensions: H 41cm x L 11cm x W 7cm
    • BMS (= Battery Management System)
    • Compatibility: UNI MK Classic/Swing/Bobber
    • CE/ROHS certificate
    • Includes: Battery + Keys
    • Made in Germany
    * Range is indicative and can vary greatly (rider weight, terrain, tire pressure, temperature, etc.).