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Sissy Bar Rear Rack with Backrest

This sissy bar rear rack allows you to comfortably ride with a passenger, making UNI MK the first real two-seater electric bike on the market!

The sissy bar seat extension rear rack with its comfy upholstered backrest is one of UNI MK's multiple rear rack solutions and an alternative to the normal seat extension rear rack. The rack is made of chromoly steel, the seat consists of molded polyurethane foam with a carbon optic seat cover. The Urban Drivestyle logo is branded on the back side of the rack so it's visible from behind.

An additional mounting plate for the vintage LED back light is installed on the rack! When riding with passengers we recommend to use footpegs so your passengers can safely place their feet on them!

Seat extension rack features

  • Materials: Chromoly steel & molded polyurethane foam with carbon optic seat cover
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 30,9cm (without inner mounting tubes)
  • Height: 19,0cm
  • Set includes: Sissy bar rear rack & seat cushion
  • Branded with Urban Drivestyle logo, visible from behind
  • Mounting plate for the LED back light is installed
  • Especially made for UNI MK / Swing electric bike (V1 & up)