Thule Bicycle Carrier VeloSpace XT2 for Uni Moke / Swing

Uni Moke and Uni Swing are solid two seated electric bicycles differing a lot from regular bicycles, especially in size and weight. That might make it difficult transporting them or taking them with you on your family vacations! Not with this bike carrier from Thule though!

The VeloSpace XT2 bicycle carrier made by Thule is one of the few carrier systems which are able to carry a pair of Uni Mokes or Uni Swings or other heavy electric bikes!


  • Large payload enables transport of e-bikes and heavy mountain bikes. Max. Load 60Kg
  • For 22-80mm Frames 
  • Extra space between the wheel holders (25cm) to easily place large, heavy bikes
  • The load capacity can be increased to 3 bikes by adding a Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter
  • Extra large wheel gutters allow transport of large bicycles (with a wide wheelbase of up to 1300mm).
  • Adjustable pump buckles with extra long bobbins to easily secure wheels (up to 4.7") allowing transport of large bikes
  • Easy attachment of bicycles with detachable bicycle arms with Thule AcuTight buttons with torque limiter that click when the optimal grip is reached
  • Easy assembly and adjustment of the bike carrier before the locking handle is locked thanks to the stability of the coupling on the towing hook
  • Easy access to the trunk, even with the bikes on it, thanks to the smart foot pedal with tilt function

Secure your bikes on the bike carrier and your bike carrier on the towbar (including locks)!