7-Speed freehub with freewheel 11-32 teeths for UNI Moke

Many of you asked us to make the UNI Moke even more sporty by improving its performance, here is our quick answer!

The new 7-speed freehub with freewheel (11-32 teeth) is an alternative to the standard (14-28 teeth) coming with the bicycle. It'll give you more torque in 1st gear and a higher top speed (2 - 4 mph) in 7th gear. You'll now feel resistance pedaling in the highest gear instead of having no resistance anymore at that point. This update increases the overall range of the Uni Moke while making it easier to go uphill.


  • To remove / mount the freehub with freewheel you'll need a special tool, which is available here.
  • It is necessary to have a 7-gear gearing because the freewheel is directly mounted onto the motor in the rear wheel.

7-speed freehub with freewheel features

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Gear range: 11-13-15-18-21-24-32
  • Standard thread: 1.375 x 24 TPI
  • Stack height: 38mm
  • Increased torque in 1st gear
  • Increased top speed in 7th gear (2 - 4 mph)

Tutorial on how to exchange the new freehub with freewheel on your Uni Moke