Handlebar Grips Branded

The handlebar grips are one of the three contact points a rider has with his bike which emphasizes their importance! They should be handy and slip-proof and offer enough comfort to ensure total control over the bicycle.

This pair of handlebar grips is mounted on your UNI Bike by default. Their simple and ergonomic design give you total control over your bike. The aluminum clamp rings which hold the grips in place are branded with Urban Drivestyle logo

Branded plastic grip features

  • Materials: plastic, aluminum clamps
  • Color: black
  • Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 274g
  • Includes:
    two plastic caps to close off handlebar ends
    two plastic grips
    two metal clamps with screws to hold grips in place
  • Ergonomic shape with high comfort
  • Branded aluminum clamp rings