Multifunction Backpack with Child Safety Belly Belt for Bikers Urban Drivestyle Edition

We saw many of our customers riding with children on the front seat and we know that there is no cooler place for a child than the pilot seat!

In order to enhance safety and comfort for both parent and child, we created this multifunctional Backpack that allows you to safely buckle your child to your body when riding!

Although THIS IS NOT a certified child safety system, we feel this greatly increases safety when riding with a child on the front.

Note: Front seat riding may NOT BE legal in some European countries and it may be not the safest thing to do in heavy traffic situations. So check with your local authorities and always ride slow and only on safe routes! 


  • Branded with Urban Drivestyle Logo
  • Waxed Scottish Cotton
  • Cordura Reflected Material in the Front for Night Riders
  • Safety Normed Belt Material 
  • Recycled Bicycle Tyres on the Bottom 
  • Handmade by U.Arndt in Germany for Urban Drivestyle


  • Yellow Cotton 
  • Laptop Pocket for 15"
  • Zipp Pocket
  • 2 small Pockets 


  • Magnetic closing system
  • one Big Zipp Pocket in the Front
  • on small Zipp Pocket on the Side
  • Removable Belt system