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UNIMOKE V2 Sport Utility E-Bike

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Discover the UNIMOKE V2 Urban Utility E-Bike

UNIMOKE Testimonials

With urban electric bikes breaking out all over these days, how can you really stand out in the e-bike scene? Perhaps by building one that has more in common with a moped than with a bicycle...

Derek Markham, Treehugger

Just when e-bike after e-bike was feeling all too similar, the UNIMOKE urban bike comes along and blows up any preconceived ideas of what an e-bike can be in the future. The UNIMOKE is a first of its kind... 


The ‘UNIMOKE’ from urban drivestyle is an unusually framed e-bike designed to carry extra cargo. The island of mallora-based company calls its seat the longest ever of its kind...


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